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Labeling Versatility

By Joanna Cosgrove on February 01, 2016

Delivering Extended Content

Label space is valuable real estate and let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t enough room to say all that needs to be said. Expanded Content Labels (ECLs) do a great job of exponentially increasing the space needed to convey ingredient lists, usage directions and FDA-mandated information (for SPF products) in multiple languages.

Mike Masotti, computer design manager and marketing, New York Label & Box Works, Islandia, NY, a manufacturer of ECLs, says accordion-like booklet formats and “peel and reseal” wafer tabs are key design features for these types of labels. “You often will see [booklet labels] applied to the bottom of lipstick canisters or cream jars that are not intended to reflect any marketing information,” he says, noting that New York Label & Box Works can create proprietary constructions that allow for up to 15 panels of additional copy and can be as small as .625” in diameter.

Resealable labels feature a “hinged” area that connects one panel to the next. “Currently, New York Label & Box Works provides resealable labels in a variety of constructions that include two-, three-, and five-panel configurations (up to 500% increase in copy area),” he says. “As an extension of the primary product label, aesthetics and functionality of resealable labels are paramount.

These labels not only need to maintain good product-resistance and moisture-resistance, but in addition, must be able to peel and reseal for the life of the product.”

Thwarting Diversion & Counterfeiting

In addition to delivering decorative flair, some labels also double as security sentinels.

“The explosion of global counterfeiting and brand diversion (gray market) has created a need for brand owners to protect their goods with an increased sophistication built into their packaging,” says New York Label & Box Works’ Masotti. “This is done with Variable data systems and software, serialization, track & trace, and covert as well as overt technologies [which] allow for monitoring diversion throughout the manufacturing and distribution supply chain and authentication in the marketplace via customized methods.”

Masotti says brand protection options for labels include overt variable codes to track through supply chain (visible bar codes and QR codes that are unique to each label); covert codes that typically correlate to overt codes (hidden human-readable digits and are only visible with proprietary hardware/software); holographic foils to convey authenticity for consumers; security coatings with micro-taggants that can only be verified with proprietary hardware/software; and tamper-proof and tamper-evident label constructions through use of security substrates and special cutting dies.

To up its tech ante, New York Label & Box Works has partnered with Eastman Kodak to deliver additional levels of brand protection technologies. “The Kodak technologies now add extra ‘layers’ of security to New York Label & Box Works’ pressure-sensitive label offerings, including traceless coatings (in both aqueous and UV cured), thermal transfer ribbons, and special CIJ security inks,” Masotti says. “Unlike traditional security inks that are common on the market, that can be read with any UV black light flashlight, Kodak’s technologies can only be detected by using proprietary equipment.”

Original source: Beauty Packaging Magazine

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