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Multifold Booklet Labels: Expanding Your Options

A Smart Solution

Multifold booklet labels are the cost-efficient answer to the problem of having a lot to say in a very small space. Whether you are trying to comply with extensive regulatory demands (such as meeting the FDA SPF guidelines for over-the-counter sunscreen products) or placing your product in multilingual markets, the multifold booklet label, also known as an extended content label (ECL), multi-use or multipage label, provides a smart surface for all of that text. Great for warranty verbiage, lengthy ingredients or any other nonpromotional content.

How It Works

An accordian-like, unfolding booklet is adhered to a pressure-sensitive base, which is affixed on the surface of the customer’s product. The interdisciplinary approach at New York Label & Box Works incorporates in-house expertise on inks, substrates, adhesives and coatings to construct these high-performance labels. Employing spectrophotometers, a humidity chamber and other advanced equipment in a state-of-the-art laboratory, the R&D staff develop the perfect multifold booklet label for any application.

The Best Value for Your Dollar

The award-winning team at New York Label & Box Works provides the highest quality services in the leanest possible manner. This means you get the best price available for the best product, when you need it. With our interactive, multifold booklet labels, you can conceal unappealing text, saving space on your product to engage consumers more effectively.

Expanding Your Options

Since 1878, New York Label & Box Works has been developing the packaging and labeling processes that best meet our customers‘ needs. For high-quality, cost-efficient labeling and packaging, you can rely on us. For more information on multifold booklet labels and or other advanced products and services, please call us toll free at (800) 257-2300.


Multifold Booklet Extended Content Label (ECL)

Need more space on your product’s label? Running a promotion? Offering a recipe or special offer? Trying to stay on the right side of complicated legal demands? The New York Label & Box Works multifold booklet label offers the compact, expandable space needed to get your product in the hands of consumers.

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